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Hmm good info. And yes I know what a rush it can be. As I said I put my AK on single shot just to see if I liked the play style of sit and wait/move when you can. I had 2 members of the opposite team walking right towards me while I was on the ground in a ghillie suite... they had no idea where I was and pop pop both down before either knew what happened. End of the game they asked me *where were you hiding?* I said *what? you didn't seem me right infront of you?* hehe.

Neways So your saying a spring will be more consistant... well that makes sence. How ever it seems like gas requires less upgrades to get more fps. I do like the looks of the CA m24. Hmmm....

I don't want to break the bank on this change over. And really the only way I will be able to go for something high end is to sell my kit, but its been up for 2 weeks and not even one nibble on it yet wrong time of year I guess.

Do any of you have any experience with the PSG-1? I know its basicly a single shot AEG out of the box, but what kind of mech box is actually in it?

PS. I am aware of the m76 in classifides... but I don't think taking out a small loan to buy a toy would please the GF lmao..... maybe I could sell my truck.

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