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Now for some real info for you:

There's a CA M24 for sale in the classifieds (Bean I think), around $600, would be a great one for you (I got mine a year before I got an AEG, and it still rides on my back 90% of the time when I play). I also have a KJW M700, nice rifle, stock is similar to the M24 in places, such as the grip. It being gas though means it'll be somewhat unpredictble at times, depending on the weather, and such. It is adjustable for gas flow, isn't theh easiest thing to do, have to take the bolt apart with tools and tighten/loosen the striker spring guide to adjust. And the mags need the feed lips filed to make the stripping of a BB off smoother and get rid of the chances of cutting the surface. Mags only hold 10 rounds, but the Tanaka 700 29rd mags work too.

Scope, just get a 3-9x 40 scope, any hunting store for a decent price. Is the only scope I'd recommend for a sniper rifle, is way too flexible to consider any other type. I mostly have mine set for 5x, 3x is handy for increasing the field of view (FOV), and 9x is great for zooming in to try to ID a target, or if you are on overwatch way out of shooting range, helps you radio intel to your team mates.

Bipod, is optional, I mostly have mine on just because it's more useful than a hindrance. It allows you a basic stand to keep your gun off the ground for starters. It helps when shooting off horizontal places like drums, car hoods, or bench resting when testing for accuracy/consistancy outside of game time. Has the added benefit of allowing you a stable shot using any vertical surface (tree, door jam, support beam) by extending one leg and holding it in your support hand as your hand holds the surface.

And you've seen the myths of airsoft sniping above. An airsoft sniper can do anything he/she wants for the role, can stay in one place for hours and maybe take a single shot, or can be on the move and taking shots of opportunity. I have done and always do a combination of things, depending on the situation and the mission. Twice this year I played in urban areas (paintball field), and both times I used my M24 and my GBBs full time during the game, even though I had my MP5 with me most of the time (it never got shot). And I racked up a good dozen or more kills just by tactics and being able to slip one shot in on guys that'd hide when they saw a stream of BBs fly at them. Being a skilled airsoft sniper is a serious rush and a challenge, it's addictive. If sniping was banned in airsoft, I can't say honestly I'd continue in the sport, even though I have two MP5s and a decent assortment of GBBs........................
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