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the theoretical barrett, by the way, would only be putting out just under 10.5 Joules of energy (when using 0.9 gram 8mm BBs being fired at 500 FPS); of course that's a lot more of a felt impact/possible damage to the body since a) the BB doesn't break apart like a paintball would (which in and of itself disapates a ton of the energy that the paintball has) and b) the size (therefore impact area) of the BB is much smaller (forget that the ammo is a sphere and technically should always have a tiny impact area, because that is just theoretical; in real life, all collisions are somewhat elastic and, since the BB/paintball AND the target, a human, both deform to a degree, the impacted area is much larger than it would initially appear would be true for a spherical projectile).

because of this, even with standard MED this gun would hurt pretty bad.... with an increased MED it might be alright, but then you get into the physics of a sphere shaped projectile and the fact that you are inherently limiting your effective distance/max. accurate distance sipmly by using that shape for your ammo (not that we can really get over that without going to some sort of plastic 'pellet' which may or may not violate some sort of regulation (does it?))

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