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First I must say F U Wm6.1... I had a post written up and just as I hit send the damn window closes....

Neways at home now.

Yah I 100% understand that snipers in airsoft are very low bag count "classes". I am not expecting a ton of kills, nor do I want that. I find the hunt more thrilling, the waiting, the watching.... the them not knowing. Or the them knowing and me figuring out what to do from that point.

anyways you guys have all told me to *not get that gun* but why? whats the difference between that than say a well L96? What should I really look for in a sniper rifle. I am considering a KJm700 Gas sniper. Our field limit here for snipers is 500fps on .20 I know its not a target but I know the m700 can hit that easily.

I am not planning on fielding my sniper until next season. Until that point I will be working on upgrades, reading every thing I can get my hot little hands on, and making ghillie suites. I already have a premade one but I can see already some areas on it that need improving.

neways thanks in advance again.

edit* Tm snipers are hard to come by and From what I have read TM is not the leader in the sniper catagory. Maybe the PSG-1 but those are few and far between.
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