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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
First, don't expect much out of this rifle you bought. It's a cheap toy. even if you upgrade it, I'm sure it will not have the performances of a cheap stock AEG.

Before you plan on buying and play, I suggest you read a lot. Especially if you plan on playing as a sniper.

I suggest you get age verified. If you are 18+, you will have access to the classified and see for yourself what people generally play with and make your budjet in accordance.

Sorry for brigning you bad news. If you can, cancel your order.
Then, check out for an AEG from a good brand and get yourself a basic kit to play in.
lol knee jerk post if i ever saw one. i got two tm aegs full kits and a gbb...

neways. iam just not a fan of the l96. i am also considering a m700. the rifle is not concrete yet lol.

the post is basicly asking about the specs on scopes and some other toys.

i have read alot and seen reviews on the sa1 and it seems to shoot well. its cyber gun though and i know they are not the best.

any brand of scope to avoid?
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