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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
i got a p90 and carry my mags in an ak chest rig... no issues with it yet. have u thought about an mp7? if u like to be unique heh. there are a few tm setups on classifides right now.
Went to see my airsoft guy;

Just before I was about to buy the UMG, he informed me about the JG GBBR M4 coming around christmastime - or sooner? - for about $350.

(Anyone have any details?)

I think I'll save my money for that, and hold off on the UMG - based on what you guys have said, I might get a cheap AK47 for the time being - I can deal with the ugly.

I've always wanted a GBBR but never been able to afford one - maybe now's the time? Plus, I know how to care for and upgrade them much better than AEGs.

So, anyone want to pass along some info?
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