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Green sniper Question

DOH I put this in the wrong section....

Hey guys I have been playing now for about a year and have descided to get my self a sniper rifle. I got one on order if my kit does not sell/trade before it gets here.

Anyways the gun I have on order is a little bit different than what most people have. Swiss arms SA1. I have read that its a great gun out of the box and there are some upgrades for it.

But issue is it does not come with 2 things, one being a scope. Its got rails on it for mounting one though so thats not an issue. Now what kind of magnification should I be looking for? I normaly play in bush but we do have a CQBish field out here with areas for sniping. I would love to get something low prowfile but I also want it to be confortable.

Have any of you tried the scopes from ehobbyasia/ebaybanned? Any recommendations or tips would be much appreciated.

Secondly it does not come with a bipod or a mount for that matter. Now I have talked to some snipers who say these are just cumbersome and normaly never get deployed. If thats true I am not going to worry about it... have any of you had experience in this area? I can see where a Bipod would increase your silloeute *sp* against the skyline/area that your in.

I am using a ghillie suite and have been practicing with it for a while. Field movment and what not before I get my sniper, Just put my AK in single fire and used that heh. But do you have any tips on movment and what have you found to be succesfull uses for camo/ghillie suites.

Neways sorry tahts three questions I Know don't hurt me. Thanks in advance for your responses.
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