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1) Post man NEVER knocks on my door. He leaves the package, even if it requires signature.
i think thats just your postman. mine's an elderly lady and she's really responsible. if i'm not home, the package goes to the nearest 7-11

2) The tracking system sucks. I was told my package should have been here 3 days ago (Their expected delivery and an agent on the phone told me), and it just arrived yesturday.
AMEN TO THAT... i've had items departing hong kong for like 2 months, but then ill get it like 3 days later the departed date...

3) I've had the tracking system say the items are under review by the border agents for a couple of days, but then I'd get the package in the mail later that day.
mine just gets stuck in customs

4) The tracking system sometimes never updates, and I'm left in the dark where my package is and when it'd arrive.


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