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The DPMS M4 he's referring to is a JG, not a JG clone. I know several guys that are rocking the non-clear version and have been for a couple of seasons now completely stock and still run like new. Like a lot of JG guns, they can take a beating. Earlier this summer, a couple of them had me install bearing spring guides, reshim / regrease and add tightbore barrels, etc. After 2 years of play in the hands of some trigger happy hicap warriors, the internals showed no signs of wear at all. I'm a big fan of JG guns. They're affordable, and while some can cause problems, the majority not seem to be solid guns.

The Kraken is a good piece too, although I'm more leary about recommending it to a noob because they have a much higher failure rate. When you get a good one, you can have a gun that will last tens of thousands of rounds without issue. However, you're just as likely to get one whose mechbox will self-destruct before you get even 1 full mag out of it. If you know how to repair / maintain your own shit, this isn't much of an issue, as you'll probably crack the Kraken open and do the preventative maintenance before using it, and will be able to fix any problem easily. But for most noobs though, it's not that easy.
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