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I've read about 5 posts so far. I thought us Canadians had respect.
In every thread I see completely immature, irrational, stupid shit talking.
Or flaming over a simple question or even over really good questions.
That's enough for me to not want to be apart of this forum, along with my team.
And many other players, sure you'll flame this but serious...
I'm 20 and I'm more mature then 80% of the people on this forum.
I for one won't be back and/or supporting any or anything to do with this.
You should take the time and think, and respect people till the disrepsect you.
You already have given yourselves and basically anyone who joins a bad name.
How about you all start giving a shit about people treating others like shit.
Rather then your number one priority, being age verified. Not saying it's not important.
But come the FUCK on. Oh I forgot, you'll never change.

I've a very open minded and respectful person, I'm also a beast.
I'm looking to start up a younger team where we can all get along and rape the older teams.
Based in and around the Calgary area.
Age 18-30, I have sponsors for free BB's for the entire team, Can get a kick ass website up in a weeks notice.
This far it's Myself(20), my boss(35), Friend(22) We all have multiple guns and experience in many times of play style.
If you're just a noob I'd look else where, I wanna start up a top notch team.
We take things seriously, but not too seriously like some people, we understand in the end it's just a game.
And you can only make it to games depending on real life situations.
We're also in the loop of getting together our own field and should be good by next summer or the summer after.
But trust me it's worth it(Airplanes wreaks, Junkyard, underground passages, a village and also post ups in trees.
If this sounds like it's for you, Give me an email and we'll talk more, (ollllld shh)
Ganja out.

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