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Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
I will be playing mainly CQB, so I want something smaller than the AUG, with more customization potential, and more rails.

I have narrowed it down to either the G&G AK Beta Spetz or the G&G UMG.

Commence advising me.

For CQB, your FPS is fine stock, for either choice. However, I'd recommend the AK.

Armalites and AK's are basically the most common AEG's out there; you're going to have more upgrade/customization potential because of that. You're doing CQB, so all you should need is light, verticle foregrip and red-dot sight; rails really shouldn't matter.

Ak also has the advantage of using Warsaw magazines; again, ease of finding pouches due to it's commonality is a plus. If you start playing field games, then you have a platform that can have the longer barrel to help you at extended ranges. UMP magazines are -long-, the length of pull to draw a magazine is pretty rediculous; you're going to have to practice lots to get any sort of speed reload with a the UMG.

Originally Posted by scurvythepirate View Post
EDIT: Pouches are a little harder to find, but I believe MP5 Pouches can accommodate UMG Magazines
Unless you're using some really out of spec knockoffs that I've never heard of; no... P90 and UMP mag pouches are interchangable.

MP5 Pouch
P90 / UMP pouch

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