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You can get a full metal ICS M4 in the classifieds for less than a new plastic one. I'd go that route instead, but it requires you to be 18+ and age verified. There's a used ICS M4 CQB in there right now that includes a complete extra M16 front end and upper receiver, as well as an extra 400 fps upper mechbox all for under $400. That gives you a sub-350 CQB gun that you can convert to a full length M16 shooting 400 fps for outdoors. You basically get 2 full metal guns for the less than the price of a clear plastic one.

And no, it's not mine and I won't reveal who's selling it outside of AV areas, so in case anyone gets any ideas, don't bother sending me PMs to ask.

That being said, both the guns mentioned are good choices. I like JG guns, but the versatility of the split mechbox makes ICS the clear winner for me and worth the extra money.

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