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Originally Posted by safx View Post
And if you really want a custom slide, ILLusion or possibly ProG4 will do a custom for you. Brian quoted me one for close to $300, which isn't bad for "one-off" top end CNC aluminum with trademarks.

Crunch— your inox was a very limited gun, so there was only a short supply of slides, most metal releases were in fmu kit form, which are all long gone.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I like having this nice limited edition gun (inox with the white grip plates, even more rare than the inox with black). But parts are a bitch. If I could get one custom made, I would consider it. I would love to actually be able to use this gun, even just for plinking. It's just incredible. It looks and feels great, and shoots even better.

Sucks to have this beauty sitting in a case all the time.

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