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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
Newbs are, for the most part, annoyingly simpleminded and lazy.

When effort is counted in keystrokes, I have no time to waste on folks who are so obviously addicted to the "I WANT IT NOW AND CAN GET IT NOW" generational tit. IF you cannot spare the energy to type in the few extra letters required for a reasonable facsimile of English, and cannot wiggle your index finger to bring the search function into focus, I believe 100% that you should get fucking flamed for being a lazy retard.

I am elitist not because I have been in longer, or have spent more, but because next to you fucking newbs I cannot appear to be anything else.

Kal nailed it, but I don't give a fuck what the newbs think of me, so I'll just sit over here in leet corner with my super kit and watch the stupid questions based on lazyness and lack of intiative keep rolling in.
Couldn't agree more...
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