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Again...I get what you're saying...and I do see the point in the cases where newbie2 misinforms newbie1.

But...if either newbie1 or 2 discard the advice you (or anyone else) gives...who cares?

- they've been provided the information that they could have searched for
- it's been put plainly in front of them
- they've discarded it for whatever reasons

If they do that...they're not going to listen to you (anyone) anyways. You've done your've put out what help you can. Quite rudely put...Fuck 'em after that.

Why not let them be and suffer the good/bad consequences of their choices? If they buy their craptastic thingy and it breaks...that's probably going to be a more effective reinforcement of what not to buy than any number of posts that guys can throw at them. If it doesn't and they're happy with it...well that's not the end of the world either. each their own. I suppose what I don't get is why it bothers you so much.
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