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I'd say, cut the bullshit. Get together, find a team orientation, a name and have some patchs mades if needed.

IMO, no need for ranks or pseudo specialities. The fluf come later when you all have the image you want to portray.

In example, in the MTX, we don't have official ranks. We have a team founder: Mud, and that's it. As for specialities, every members have a role that he does best and usually, his weapon platform reflect it. But if that member deside to play assault or sniper for one game, we won't mind. Our team uniform reflect the role we want to play in milsims: We want the flexibility to play on both sides, so we opted for a plain OD uniform for outside and a Subdued Urban Digital for inside. Both camo are not official military camo paterns in mainstream country, so we have a flexibility that, let's say, CADPAT would not give us. We still keep the possibility to play with other camo, depending on what the members has.

Starting a team is not complicated, you just has to show some uniformity.

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