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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Wow...I thought I wrote long posts...

OP: I do get where you're coming's obvious that you put a lot of thought into your post...and I think the points are solid.

But who cares if someone thinks you're an elitist or not? Who cares if some anonymous new guy with a bug in their rear argues a point (wrong or right)? Who cares if some anonymous person shrugs off whatever advice is given to them?
It's not so much that I care if someone calls me an elitist, it's more that a thread will often progress like this:

-Newbie1 askes about cheap guns/cheap equipment/whatever
-They get the standard replies from ASC, some helpful, some not, but all basically saying cheap equipment is crap and isn't worth it.
-Newbie1 argues the point with the common arguments...vets disagree.. standard ASC thread follows.
-Newbie2 comes out of fucking nowhere, says to newbie1 that everyone else are being elitist pricks, suggests crap equipment or stupid unfounded advice, and for some unknown reason, newbie1 listens to newbie2 who's been on the board for 2 months instead of the vets, and hops on the "they're being elitist pricks" bandwagon.

Partially my objective with the post was to try and discourage newbie1 (who might otherwise be a reasonable individual) from listening to dumbass newbie2 when newbie2 starts dishing out completely usless advice.

As for who is an elitist, there really is a difference. Here's two examples:

"Everyone should have a PTW, because they're very, very nice guns."
"Everyone should have a PTW, because everything else is 100% complete crap and usless."

One of those is personal opinion based on experience, the other is complete bullshit and is illustrative of an elitist attitude. While PTWs are nice, there are plenty of excellent alternatives. I do get offended when I recommend a CA to a newbie over a Kraken and they throw me into the second catagory. Compared to a CA, a Kraken is crap... that's facts based on experience.

At the end of the day, if a newb doesn't want the advice, fine. But I'd rather try and convince them so that we actually end up with a good, quality player and member of the gaming community rather than a cheapass twat.

Edit: I didn't intentionally pick on the PTW crowed... just using it to illustrate a point. You could swap the PTW in the example with a Real Sword and the result would be the same.

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