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Originally Posted by xelamander View Post
why not put micro dimples on it just like golf balls have dimples? would that work?
Originally Posted by El Cactus Loco View Post
the golf ball dimple idea is great! i don't know the exact science behind it, but i believe the basic principle is that the dimples cause the airflow to "ripple" around the sphere and decrease drag in the same way that a "boat-tail" does on a real bullet; by reducing the "wake" behind the ball. i wonder if sandblasting a bb (lightly) could have this effect? also there was a mythbusters a month ago where they tried to scale up the golf ball effect to a bowling ball, if someone can find it it might have some useful/practical insight into scaling it down as well.

gotta run now but this will be on the back burner today, keep the ideas coming guys
Golfball dimples would not work with the hopup. and may also allow air loss in the barrel around the bb as it is fired therefore lowering fps and if not very high quality, could scratch up the barrel bad.
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