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Lightbulb the last "new BB design OMG ZOR" thread you will ever have to read... ok maybe not

i know there has been a lot of discussion over the years about "sniper bbs" or whatever, and for the most part its all been trash... but an idea has just struck me and after thinking about it for a while, im confident enough to present it to the hounds (ASC) im not an engineer, im not a physics professor, im not a mad scientist, just a kid with an idea. be gentle, its my first time.

ok so here it is. we all know that the main thing that can make or break a guns accuracy is the hop up. what im proposing is a modification to the bbs to allow the hop to be more effective at putting backspin on the bb over long ranges. all modern bbs are fundamentally the same, a solid uniform ball of plastic. the mass is distributed equally throughout the bb. my idea is to make the bb hollow. allow me to explain my logic. the spin that the hopup puts on the bb is called angular momentum. angular momentum is the product of the bbs moment of inertia (a measure of an object's resistance to changes in its rotation rate) and its angular velocity (speed of rotation). the hopup is what controls the angular velocity, more hop increases the speed at which the bb spins. this spin allows the bb to fly straighter. moment of inertia, is what controls how long the bb will be able to continue spinning, allowing it to fly further. if the bb is made hollow but maintains the same weight as a solid bb, essentially what you would be doing is moving all that mass that was doing nothing at the centre of the bb out towards the perimeter allowing it to increase the angular momentum, therefore allowing the bb to spin longer, ie better accuracy over longer ranges. obviously this re-design means more than just making hollow bbs. they would need to be made of stronger plastic in order to have the same structural integrity a normal bb would, and would need to be made out of a denser material (HDPE?) in order to achieve the same weight as normal bbs, but other than that they would be identical and would be compatible with all guns unlike all other bullet shaped "sniper bbs".

now, this is just an idea (MY idea btw, no stealing. if i see hollow BB bastards anytime soon, someones gunna get a hurt reaaaal bad) and i have NO idea if it would actually work or how it would be made but i figure if we can put a man on the moon, we can make hollow plastic spheres. the only real concern i have is weather or not this would have any discernible or visible effect on bb flight. that is to say, bbs are pretty small, and im not sure that making them hollow would increase the moment of inertia enough to see any appreciable difference. but thats what you guys are for, what do you think?
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