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I agree with everything thats said about the guns. However I think gear can be whatever suits you, if it works for what you paid, why change.. But if it is uncomfortable and or breaks easy, than yes, time to get some better quality gear...

For me I still use the $40 tactical vest that I purchased for my second game, that was 4 years ago.. for every other loadout, I use 1968 Vietnam webgear. It works for me and has never failed, so I am sure not gonna go spend $100 on another rig just so I can be apart of the group who speant as much on gear as they did guns

That said, I speant 90% of my funds on my guns when I started out, I fully recomend doing this when you start out as well. Get a decent BDU, belt and some pouches to hold your mags, canteen for water. Then get a gun that works, battery that works, and a charger that works. This should be the order of operations to start your airsoft career, then after, start to buy some gear to fit your play, comfort, ect.

My 2 cents, otherwise, good thread.
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