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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
It does not, as long as one understands that their inferior good is just that, something that gives them the means to participate until they can commit to something with more quality.

I would like to draw everyone's attention to this link. While it may only be wikipedia it fairly and accurately describes the idea of "inferior goods"

actually...I will just quote the most important paragraph of the page
Alright, queue the record scratch.

I disagree. Oh no, how is that possible?
We were all joining hands and united
snobs just a second ago...

Airsoft is not much different than your
average geek role playing hobby. You
want like minded geeks to maintain
the status quo— correct? Well as long
as they look/act the part they should
be accepted and not ruin your fantasy,
even if you can't see the price tags and
brand names hanging off the gear and

I'm still wearing my imitation BlackHawk
tac vest from 5 years ago ($20), albeit
without any buckles or zippers from being
shot out at TAC. But the fact remains I
joined this hobby in jeans with a WE pistol,
but quickly bought the cheapest TAC gear
(all black) to fit in with CQB play. And I
still use the very same crappy gear to
this day. Outside play happened the same
way, went in civies, graduated to another
cheap ($20) green tac vest and woodies.
My gear closet for indoor and outdoor cost
less than one of my cheapest pistols and
it works.

I hate to break it to you folks but most if
not all of our "goods" are inferior. They're
cheapass clone toys of real steel items.
WE are inferior to the real operators. How
many players are even in decent physical
shape? Makes me laugh when I see hard
core role players wearing all the real gear
in XXL and clutching a cheeseburger in
one hand.

I understand you want to draw the line, like
any Star Trekkie or Star Gate hobbyist, but
realize it's about fun, and if you don't have
fun right away why would you invest? It's
your duty as head geeks to educate and
mentor the next gen of big spenders and
hard core role players.
Retired — Freedom 35
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