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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
yep, I notice alot of noobs (including myself) buy those swat style black vests to start out with, and quickly realize that black is a horrible colour to play with outdoors, and that they are usually very uncomfortable.
i have one of those, bought it on a whim was shopping for a new front end, regret it a lot.

i can understand why people get spooked when they join and lash out at he people giving advice.

when i first joined i asked what pistol to buy, instead i got a shopping list of stuff i didn't even realize was needed, and a lecture on the shittiness of high caps. (thanks crunch for that advice) it was depressing.

but i got av'ed got a new front end for my t-maul, some new batteries, and a box of real caps and some new batteries. and months later replaced my kjw pistol with a ksc which really was worth the extra money.

now if only i could get out to a game...
my first thread in the noobie tank taught me that gear wise, my pre conceived notions of what airsoft where wrong.

and this thread really does reinforce that
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