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T7 has it. There's nothing wrong with buying a low cost vest to try out the game. As long as you have a decent gameable gun, good eye protection and good boots (one can't stress that last one enough), a cheap vest that will at least carry your mags is good enough. It'll do. However, one quickly realizes the problems, limitations, and often, durability of their purchase and will buy something better down the road. The vest is one area where I would agree that it's ok to cheap out on a first purchase.

That being said, for the same price as these cheap vests new, you can often find a half decent used vest that will last. And if it's a modular platform, you can always upgrade it with pouches you need / want. It may already have most, if not all the pouches you'll need. In the long run, this is cheaper than buying a cheap vest first, then a better one plus pouches down the road.
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