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Wow...I thought I wrote long posts...

OP: I do get where you're coming's obvious that you put a lot of thought into your post...and I think the points are solid.

But who cares if someone thinks you're an elitist or not? Who cares if some anonymous new guy with a bug in their rear argues a point (wrong or right)? Who cares if some anonymous person shrugs off whatever advice is given to them?

It's self evident to someone with half a brain who is trying to figure out a new hobby that they should pay close attention to any constructive help given to them. Those with less brains than that and who cast that advice aside aren't going to be helped anyways.

Personally, I think that any well structured/worded question...deserves a well structured/worded/thought-out answer. Regardless if the heart of the question has merit or not.

A half baked, misspelled, senseless post should be AT MOST...ignored. But I don't think that some people here are capable of that.

I do find it a bit amusing that guys will pound on a point endlessly...when the fastest way to make it vaporize into the deep archives of ASC is to simply ignore it and let it die. If the poster intended to troll you guys into a've handed over the win.
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