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Kudos kalnaren! I've been hovering over the noob threads to see what I can learn about airsoft that I don't already know, and honestly, I can say that with the stuff you experienced players have, I don't know why anybody starting out wouldn't listen to you guys. My guess is that they are usually sub-18 kids wanting to try out shooting guns at people (or worse, raccoons or something). Which is a big problem because not only about the laws and potential arrests, but that these guys are adding a bad image to airsoft's already delicate situation. Yes it's been said before, but definitely I agree that this thread should be reinforced time and time again to the new players.
That's not to say all new players are bad, but they exist.

As for the gear stuff, another good point. I'm new myself to the game and I'm not even going to bother taking myself out to a game until I've got the cash to get a decent set of gear, not just the gun, which, by the way, probably appeals to the kids because its the only time they can run around with a 1:1 scale firearm. But of course again there are people out there who want to bring a Crapsoft gun to a game with jeans and hoodies. Which really defeats the purpose.

I suppose in any situation/sport one might be called an elitist, and sometimes the idea (but not the term) really is valid, I'd say one who decides to spend half their paycheck on gear is overdoing it a little, but if you've got the money to do so, by all means. But spending about a $1000 starting out on a decent gun, decent gear, decent eyewear and boots is NOT unreasonable at all.
But of course we can only guide them, in my mind if advice is given and not taken or not responded to positively, then let them make their own mistakes. We've tried.
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