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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
You clearly never played as a goalie, You learn to appreciate anything that is less bulky than what you are wearing. That is what my point was. And also you guessed right.
Not saying what you have to do, but I learned quite quickly at my first game that heavy=bad. I had zero issues wearing and walking around in everything I had on (vest + ballistic inserts, full 2L hydration pouch, Full 1L canteen, Dump pouch filled with stuff that in hind sight, I really didn't need. etc.) But once you start running, diving, then rolling jumping back onto your feet to run again.... basically... My back hated me by the end of the day. Light is always better in airsoft, Carry as little as possible to maximize your capabilities. You may be more capable than some wearing heavy gear but then imagine what you'd be like in good light gear.

And repeat what was said, $80 for a good used pantac vest (what i use now) is 1000x better than the crap-tastic vest I bought at an army surplus for $90 which resulted in extreme back pains for me.
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