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Elitist Bastards

OHH so you think you're better than me eh... with your fancy all black FMU guns.. and your triple sewn and bartacked cordura chest rig.... well you know what fella... You're right!

Frankly I see it as my purpose to turn regular run of the mill airsoft Noobs into the most snobbish elitist bastards possible... Bring em in... knock those sad excuses of guns from their hands... and push them all down in mud puddles... then pick them up... swaddle them in the highest quality ripstop poplin BDUs .. clad them head to toe in Coyote Brown TAG chestrigs and drop leg rigs... and hand em a decent gun.. most of them once initiated to the joys of good guns and decent gear have zero trouble looking down their noses at all the "new kids" coming in
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