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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
I'm still a wood stick elitest in hockey. None of that composite BS.

What people like kalnaren push in terms of gear and guns here isn't elitism. Its smart advice on products that are actually worth the cash.
Have you tried composite? The sticks are lighter you can handle the puck better and you can get under the puck much easier.

I understand the gear thing, I play hockey cheap skates work but when you are playing for two hours your feet will tell you the difference. I don't have a problem spending the money, I'll buy a vest but I am not going to spend $1000 for one, the amount of time that I am actually going to be playing it would be not worth it. As the OP mentioned about having light vests vs. a heavy vest. Maybe I like heavy vests. I play goalie in hockey, I wear 20 pounds of gear for 90 minutes no breaks, I'm just saying I do know there is cheap crap that breaks easy, but there is cheap crap that the only thing wrong with it is that it is too heavy. Or maybe a pouch is in the wrong place.

You said about using a wooden stick that may only cost $20 I have a composite stick that costs $80, I like it because it is light. I know that your wooden one is heavier. Does that make wood bad?


There is cheap and there is expensive one may be made of stronger lighter materials but the other one may be made out of heavier materials that are just as strong. Only applies to gear. I don't know enough about airsoft guns to say anything.
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