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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I have to agree with the vast majority of what kalnaren said. Very well said. Yes, we do have elitist pricks on the forum. We have them in every hobby. To them, unless you spend top-dollar on the most expensive equipment out there, it's crap. But for the most part, the guys giving advice on this forum don't fall into this category.

However, where I disagree - to a point - is with CA and TM being the lowest end guns a noob should start with. A few years back when all clone guns that rolled out of China were utter garbage, this may have been the case. I think that landscape is shifting, and many of the older, more experienced players are not seeing it because they're too set in their ways.

I personally have had great experience with JG guns so far. My JG MP5 was the most rugged little gun I owned. I TRIED to kill it. I really did. I tortured the shit out of it but it wouldn't die. My Echo 1 / JG P90 is another gem, as kalnaren already stated. The gun is 100% stock, shoots straight, far and consistently. My JG 416 also took one hell of a beating before the mechbox finally cracked at about the 40 000 round mark. And I know quite a few trigger-happy local JG owners who have been rocking stock guns for a couple of seasons and they're still going strong. JG guns from a fews years back may have been plagued with problems, but the current models they produce I believe are very suitable starter guns.

Yeah, there are still lemons, and that rate is higher than with a higher quality gun, but we have to give Jing Gong credit for making huge strides in the quality control department. Some have problems, but that's the same for all brands. Take a look around these forums and you have people with a massive hate on for CA guns (based on their experience with models from a few years back) and will outright pontificate that CA is crap regardless how good they may be today.

So yes, in principal I agree with everything in the original post. We have a modest difference on what we consider an acceptable starter gun. Otherwise, that post is gold.
I agree about JG. I didn't/generally don't say too much about them because, other than my P90, I have very little experience with them. Actually I think the P90 and G36 (which, IMO, isn't anywhere near as good as their P90) are the only two ones of their guns I've actually handled.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I'm perfectly happy being called an elitist. I expend alot of time and effort getting there, and for someone to call me that is a great amount of personal gratification. Anyone who has met me in-person or on the field knows what I'm about, and quite frankly what some punk thinks from across the country doesn't really make a difference.
The flipside of that though is that you're not likely to tell me my CA36 -that works perfectly fine, shoots straight and accurate- is a piece of shit simply because it's not a $2,000 gun. It certaintly might not be up to what you're used to, but I wouldn't consider you an elitist because you like to use more expensive equipment.

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