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A teammate and I ordered them some time ago. They are simply a white dot with an "industrial" glue on the back of each dot.

The pack comes with, the 8 dots, a small razor blade a toothpick and 2 alcohol swabs.

You clean the sights with the alcohol swabs, then use the razor blade to take one dot off at a time. then while the dot is on the tip of the razor blade you place it onto the gun sight.

You use the toothpick to press it with medium force, not too much or you can squish the sightout abit like a pancake! lol

Then it says to heat the sight with medium heat to set the glue. Like a incandescent light bulb or something like that. I just did quick bursts with my lighter.

As for performance, it is good for having three white dots on a gun with just stock black sights, the glowing may last for an hour in a dusk type of setting, but say during a 45 min game I probably charge em 5-6 times just to keep em at their peak.

In close to pitch black, they still work even after a few days. but they would be quite weak.

Charging for 5 - 10 min is not really needed as one minute accomplishes the same effect.

I had them on a TM Hicapa 4.3 that was all upgraded and kicked like a beast, the sights did not move or fall off.

I like them quite abit, and are FAR cheaper than trijicon sites. I have not had any fly off yet.

In fact I am off to my teammates house to get the last of them to put them on my Real Beretta.

After they are on my real beretta and I shoot my match this weekend, I will comment on if they stayed on the gun, or if they flew off... lol

In summary think of them like those TM Glock glow sites, but you can put them onto any gun you want, and they last a bit better then the TM sites. ( I had those too)
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