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Originally Posted by airsoft newbie View Post
notice the date i joined. and i just bought the clearsoft to do a review and post it on youtube and see how bad they actually were. also one of the shotguns that I bought has been labelled by many members here as TM quality (not the outside but the performance.
Dude just stop seriously. You're not really helping, and the OP's question has been answered. Just drop it. The OP understands what the minimum investment for this sport is. He's listening to us, and getting one of the guns that we recommend at a minimum.

Also I for one say it's a TM M3 clone, I never said anything about TM quality, the performance is the best out of the crosman line but it's like comparing something that's at a minimum OK with something thats shit.

@ MoreToasties:

I ended up getting a custom built M4, battery and optics included (no mags, no charger).
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