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Probably best to take it to PM with him.

It's all manual (they have to physically type in the info and the admins have to flip the switch) so I don't think him changing the name of the person he's submitting will make any difference in the delay.

Admins on this site do it in batches which means probably around every week or two. If it starts to get long like 3 weeks they may have just skipped over your name or something and in that case contact your AV rep again to resubmit your info.

GL. The grass actually is that green on the other side. You get respect too since it shows that you are 18+ AND more importantly took time out of your day to try and join the community (rather than "I don't have time to get AV'ed but I'm 25, bitch, bitch, bitch, why can't you guys sell black guns to me").
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