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New community


My name is Thabow, I've played airsoft now for almost two years and did paintball before that for 13 years, and every day i wish I had found airsoft first. why? because I would have a crazy collection of guns by now....

At the start of the season I along with about 30 other players based here in New Brunswick, started a new community named airsoftNB or ANB.

Since then, we have grown to over 50 members in six cites with three active fields and more to come. I have been trying to follow the proper procedures by contacting one of the admins here on ASC so that we could have one of our numbers (member of ASC for two years I know) turned into an age verifier and then get our communtiy listed here on ASC.

So far I've had no luck, and because I don't know who exactly I should speak to, I haven't pushed it. However we do plan on growing and sticking around for a few decades so I'd like to get this in order.

So,, where should I go from here, who should I speak to?

thanks for your time ladies and gents, I hope everybody had a great season this year.
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