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Robert Goulet was a test item for sale at the ASC Armory, everyone found the item that was used to test prices/placement of product on the website, etc. and made a joke about how Robert Goulet was being sold on an airsoft website. People started posting reviews about their Robert Goulet model, and how to upgrade him.

After he died of a lung disease, everyone realized that their models may have faulty parts and would have to be shipped back to the manufacturers for repair or replacement. Some still have original functioning models, but they have spent an outrageous amount of money on Whiskey and Premium Cigars to keep him in good working condition.

Also shouldn't this posting be in the Non-Airsoft Related Sales section, or at the very least the Off-Topic section. Or is this building already purchased and being used as a new airsoft field? or something generally relating to airsoft?

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