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Nitesiters - Glow In The Dark Pistol Sights

Has anybody tried using these? They're about $12 USD and they are "Super Photo-Luminescent Handgun Night Sights" that come in a pack of 8 dots in which you stick on to your pistol sights (though I'm sure you can use them for rifles or SMGs). One thing I don't know is if it only works if you stick it on a white dotted sight, as opposed to a black metal sight with no dots (M92 vs. MEU). Though I can't see it being a problem, I'd just like to know if anybody has any experience with these before I purchase them.

Keep in mind I'm looking to use these for airsoft only, so the practicality of having to charge it for 5-10 minutes before a game really isn't a negative since the glow is supposed to last for several hours. I can imagine that it may be more worth it to get Tritium sights for your RS gun however, as they don't require charging.

The link to the site is HERE.

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