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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Unless Brian's got a new toy and is giving it a test run...he usually has lots of BBs on hand.

Yes, TTAC3 is 0.20 only. It's tight/close enough that anything else is unnecessarily painful. The entire length of the area is just enough for the hopup to kick in on most heavier weights for accuracy/distance doesn't really matter.

A bag of 0.20's will go a long way there. He's usually got some other weights (0.25/0.30's for sure...don't know about the others).

(note: I think he might have a bunch of bags of "junk" bbs (new discount ones that were a bad batch..not BBbastards) as well...perfect for grenades)
Alright, thanks for that answer regarding BB usage for CQB. For CAPS should I use 0.25 white or black BBs? A little while ago I posted a thread asking what weight BBs I should use and some people were saying they used 0.25g, others were saying 0.28g were good. I need one answer so I can fly with it, lol.
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