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You guys know what... Just STOP. This is not the way you want to enter into the community.

This is for your own good. The people who post in the newbie tank actually want to help. We're not forced to read this we could just as easily post in the AV members and general section or skip over these threads entirely. We want to guide newbies and hopefully help them make the right choice.

I actually had to start from the bottom of the barrel. Heck in the old days of ASC's wild west where everyone was packing a flamethrower (and I made a thread about "what gun should I get?") I got flamed, just took it, and decided, you know what these guys have been playing here longer than I have maybe I should take their advice they're probably using tough love and testing me to see if I'm that committed and actually willing to wait for 4 years to start playing. I'm glad I did since I started out with a gun off the classifieds which I am now EXTREMELY happy with. Want to know how much it cost? I'll tell you this it was slightly above what the minimum starting cost was (and the package didn't even include any mags).
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