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What the fuck is it with you n00bs? You come here asking our opinion on CT/Walmart guns.. we tell you they're crap with the 2 noted exceptions (and mind you, we've been at this far longer than you guys have)... and you turn around and tell us we're full of shit?

If you didn't want our advice, you shouldn't have asked for it. Likewise if you already had your mind made up, you shouldn't have asked for it.

Nobody here is going to tell you that a clearsoft gun is OK to buy. They're not airsoft, they don't belong in this hobby, and we want nothing to do with them.

Oh, and don't give me the shit about "we just want to try it". Guess what? If you spend $350+ on a good airsoft gun, and don't like the game, you can re-sell it here for... wait for it... nearly what you paid for it. You'd be out maybe the cost of shipping if it's lightly used. If you spend the $100 on a shitty clearsoft gun and don't like it.... you're stuck with the gun, because nobody in their right fucking mind wants one. So guess which option costs you more money in the end?

Also, there's no such thing as a "not serious airsoft game". You're either playing airsoft, or you're not. Running around with a bunch of friends with clearsoft is little more than tag with BB launchers. This is another thing n00bs never seem to get: It's a lot more than just the gun that makes airsoft, airsoft.

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