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fuck that shit, this isn't clearsoft canada, don't like that we are a bunch of "elitist pricks" ? go somewhere else.

Why should we make concessions for people that don't have any respect for the game itself, if they won't make even the slightest bit of effort, why should we welcome them? go back to operatorchan or w.e. and cry about how those assholes at ASC dumped on you, but hear this, For every one butthurt noob that goes away with his ass shredded and burnt to a crisp, there are at least 10 noobs that listen to the advice of more experienced players, and make themselves at home in the community.

How could the sport have grown to what it is today if this wasn't a fact?

How could ASC be as popular and have such a high rate of membership if every new person got turned away?
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