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Again I am not some nine year old kid. I do know the difference between a walmart gun and a real airsoft gun. I have had people shoot me with both. Granted I do know when it comes to hitting a cement floor with either of them it does not matter who makes what.

The point is they are semi real. You can still do all the maneuver's and such with a walmart gun. This is not Halo 3, when there are seven year old's screaming about hackers when they just plan suck. If I bought a walmart gun I know exactly what I am getting.

But I cannot speak for everyone else but when I started playing hockey the guy's I played with never went easy on me on the ice. in fact I yelled at them for giving me space once. I enjoy a challenge if I had a cheap gun *note I did not make any purchases yet.* I would expect to be treated like any other player. But I would not want people flaming me for not doing my job not being able to hit anything for just sucking. That's all I ask.

Oh and as to renting a gun. I would much rather get a personal one. That way if it breaks I don't feel as bad.

First off, I think Outlaw's response was to Airsoft Newbie's, not yours.

Second off, you can't "test play" airsoft with shitty walmart softair guns. I don't get why n00bs don't understand this. They're not even in the same league as airsoft. Nowhere even close. If you came out to an airsoft game with one of those guns, you wouldn't enjoy it. EVERYONE else would have a rate of fire 10 times yours, an accuracy 100 times yours, and a range 100 times yours. You'd literally be able to throw the gun more accurately than they can shoot. The result would be the same as those newbies who invest in a sniper rifle for a first gun -they won't enjoy airsoft one bit.
Oh my bad. But what I said still applies, don't go easy on them but respect what they have. Judge them when they have better quality gear.
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