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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
And again you all just made yourselves, out to be idiots. I never asked if that was a good gun. I never said OMG I'm going to get that gun and go to a game. I asked if there were any problems from ordering by walmart. I know exactly what quality that gun is. I don't expect to get cheap crap. I am going to be spending money. I play hockey I spend over $3000 dollars on hockey gear, I know exactly what commitment is required to make it in a sport.

However I do know this about hockey I have played with people who had nothing more than street gear playing on ice. They done that because they didn't know if they wanted to play, or not. So instead of spending money on gear that they might only use once, they got gear that was good enough for a test. The people they played with knew exactly what they were wearing and they respected what the person was wearing for gear. They gave him a chance.
First off, I think Outlaw's response was to Airsoft Newbie's, not yours.

Second off, you can't "test play" airsoft with shitty walmart softair guns. I don't get why n00bs don't understand this. They're not even in the same league as airsoft. Nowhere even close. If you came out to an airsoft game with one of those guns, you wouldn't enjoy it. EVERYONE else would have a rate of fire 10 times yours, an accuracy 100 times yours, and a range 100 times yours. You'd literally be able to throw the gun more accurately than they can shoot. The result would be the same as those newbies who invest in a sniper rifle for a first gun -they won't enjoy airsoft one bit.

They same thing should apply for airsoft, this is expensive the community is small and it will not get bigger unless people start shaping up. thankfully for everyone here I know that not all the ones here are jerks there are some very nice people. So what if someone shows up to a game wearing green and with a cheap walmart gun. If he can get AV'd there AV him and let him have a few minutes of play time. Give the person a chance let them see what kind of sport it is. That is the only way you will get allot of good players. Sure now we get a few good ones but how many just spontaneously said hey I wanna airsoft. There's probably a few but the majority have had friend's that done it. I found out about the sport from another forum. I done research and discovered that it could be fun. Granted this will take a small investment but even if I do not like it I can sell the gear and get back most of what I spent.
One of the biggest arguments newbies make when we tell them they need to poney up some dough is that we need to go easy on them for the sport to grow. Bullshit. This sport has been growing just fine for quite a few years -actually, it's growing it's fastest now since I've been involved in it. So no.. we're not going to harm the integrety of our hobby by taking it easy on n00bs and suggesting they come out to games with shit equipment.

Like any other sport or hobby, airsoft has a minimum expected investment.

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