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Originally Posted by disasterarea View Post
Why don't you guys stop being a gang of elitist douches and try to HELP?

Also, TokyoSeven, had you actually researched your post, you would find that the only item tagged as airsoft on is a pack of BBs.
I had researched my post and my statement stands. I'm not entirely sure what you were getting at in the first place.

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
remember to check if they have a .ca website instead of going to their .com as items available at the .com may not be available for us here at the .ca
Originally Posted by Rai View Post
And again you all just made yourselves, out to be idiots. I never asked if that was a good gun.
I never said it was a good or a bad gun, I was just trying to help you locate an item that would be easier to get since ordering items out of country can always be a head ache.

Thank you kindly for classifying me an an idiot though, I will keep that in mind next time you ask for assistance.

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