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Originally Posted by airsoft newbie View Post
do you think that every noob that creates a post here questioning a $180 gun wants to spend $500???
Well for $180, you can do a LOT better than something at Cdn Tire.

The point is, it's better to spend $300 on a G&G or JG (the new Velocity Arms line) that's repairable, upgradeable, and performs well. And it actually has decent resale value if you don't like airsoft. Buying the CT / Walmart junk means that you buy a $180 junker that will break and is not repairable, forcing you to buy yet another one. And it has zero resale value if you don't like the sport and want to get rid of it.

It's not about having a super-duper $1000 gun. It's about having one that will last a full game and that you can actually hit targets more than 30 feet away with.
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