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yeah I don't see why it seems like everyone on this forum thinks everyone in Canada has $500 to spend on an airsoft gun starting out. Also, they make it seem like you "have" to spend that much as a beginner. Playing just for fun in a forest or something you do not need to spend that much on a gun. I myself started playing in various forests before moving up to real games and I found that the unchanged environnment actually helped me go on to real places because of all the different obstacles.
Another thing, this is airsoft CANADA, NOT canadian airsoft elite JTF2... and this is a NEWBIE tank section... do you think that every noob that creates a post here questioning a $180 gun wants to spend $500???
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Stealth in airsoft is like getting a "hummer", as long as your teammates keep their head down and keep moving they are safe...but as soon as they lift their head past the "bush" they get a blast of white stuff right to the face.
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