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Just so you know, asking for help / info / support about Walmat & Cdn Tire clearsoft guns on an airsoft forum is like asking for help / info / support about your moped on a sport bike racing forum. It's sort of out of place and likely to get you little info - at least the info you want to hear.

But that aside, no one in their right mind will recommend anything that's sold at either of those stores with 2 exceptions. The S&W springer shotgun that Walmart sells actually performs pretty well. It needs a nice coat of black paint, but otherwise, the performance is decent. Ditto for the clear Crosman Stinger shotgun sold at Cdn Tire. It's a clone of the TM M3 shotty, takes TM-compatible shells, fires 3 shots at a time, etc. It's probably the best clear shotty out there.

Otherwise, avoid anything and everything "airsoft" sold at either of these stores, including their ammo. It's garbage and not upgradeable. Performance is terrible at best. And they have a very, very, very short lifespan. And they're not repairable when they break. And they WILL break.
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