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Originally Posted by Con Murder View Post
I think this would be a great way for the uninformed to screw around. I can see guys who have no experience sending things back, with only a dead battery (or one that isn't fully charged).
You'll get noobs saying "It hooks left, and thats a cybergun they should work perfect".
That actually does happen, at the Airsoft stores in P-mall and Splendid China tower. I know Peter from his Airsoft shop and I see noobs coming in every once in awhile bringing back things because its broken.

But in actuality it was just a battery or motor that died but they wanted a full refund for a very easy fix. One time a guy came in and said his gun was not working cause the BBs were hooking upwards.... But it was actually just the hopup set way too high.

Paintball Pro-shops seem to have a good system on their warranties

- They don't offer full refunds
- Offer store credit and exchange
- Warranty is for one month only for factory defect but not on wear or use or structual damage
- Warranty for a year in which if anything goes wrong they can take it in and fix it under a reduce cost if you bought the gun from them
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