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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
Weak ass, lemme guesse you play with 9000 fps outdoors and 4000 in and use melded springs then?

Seriously, I hate the know it all noobs who think anything below the "mandatory" 400 fps is no better than throwing the bbs. Now as you clearly cannot read between the lines, I did not mean a gun has to shoot at 300 to be good, just that it take a metric ton load more upgrades and allot more tweaking to make a 400 fps gun as accurate as a 330 gun can get with allot less work.
accuracy means squat without range. fps gives you added range, and accuracy is relative to the shooter behind the sights. learn to tweak your gun its not that hard to do, or else your the noob.

and oh, i play with 50000000 fps fyi lol.
just because i don't... doesn't mean i can't.

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