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LOL...on real optics the tinting is there to enhance the transmission of desireable wavelengths of light to your eye (as said, by filtering other wave lengths). They do little to nothing to minimize glare/flash from the front of the lense (i.e. someone in front of you will still see the glint off your lense if you're looking towards a light source). There's red, blue, green tints...depends on the chemicals used for the applied filter.

A sunshade (aka extension tube) is there for 3 reasons:
1. To minimize/eliminate the reflection of light off your lense to someone looking at you. To do this, the sunshade needs to be at lease 1x as long as the diameter of your objective (I get them mixed up...the lense at the front) lense. 1.5x-2 is better...but more for reasons following. Will not help if you are shooting into the light source or at a very shallow off angle to it.

2. To minimize glare/extra light coming into your scope. You want to see what you're looking at. Excessive light from the sky above you doesn't always help...and can "wash-out" what you're looking at. Interiors of sunshades are not just black...they're matte black, or even micro-textured, so side light is not reflected in. A really long sunshade will cut out a lot of light....but your target might seem really "shadowed" or dim.

3. When shooting real steel rifles...especially in hot sunny days with not much'll very quickly get mirage off the barrel. The air just over the barrel (unfortunately right down the sightline of your optics) will look like it's "boiling" and distort your sight picture. A really long sunshade will extend out and block some of this heated air. Benchrest shooters will go so far as to place a long piece of paper down the length of their barrel to deflect the mirage. Mirage is more noticeable with high powered optics vs. lower powered ones (i.e. 36x vs. 3x). Mirage from the heat of the barrel isn't really a factor for airsoft (although other mirage indicators might be).
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