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I've been asked a couple of times why airsoft stuff doesn't come with warranties. To just seems like a huge risky hassel, but after a couple of more in-depth discussions...I'm kind of wondering if it wouldn't be possible.

I'm not bringing this topic up because I personally want to start doing this as a private came up more from a business discussion with a retailer and some end-customers. Improving service, adding value and distinguishing one self...blah, blah, blah

Here are my questions to the general community:
1. What to cover?
Typically warranties exclude wear&tear from regular use. They typically cover deficiencies with parts/assembly. However, for airsoft AEGs/GBBs...the wear and tear is a good bit of why things go south.

Other warranties cover the item for a specific time period or amount of usage. That's typically offered when both the parts and the assembly are held to a given quality level. With out of the box AEGs...that's at least a somewhat predictable starting point, but once it's cracked open...who knows? Once it's used....who knows how much use it actually gets?

2. What would it be worth?
Factoring in #1 above, what would someone pay to have their AEG/GBB warrantied for a given period of time (and how long would that be)? 20-30-50% the cost of the item?

3. Would everything be inclusive in the warranty?
With some warranties, the customer is expected to pay for the shipping costs to get the item to the warrantor...and the warrantor covers the cost back to the customer.

Other times shipping costs both ways are covered by the warrantor, but that typically drives up the cost of the warranty (included into the base price of the item or applied after sale).

Some warranties exclude certain parts (i.e. consumables), focusing the warranty on predictable, reliable components.

4. What would void a warranty (re. airsoft stuff)?
Since there's no way to know how much it gets used...there's no way of monitoring excessive use (i.e. hold down the trigger for a 4000rnd burst or bust).

Would end-user applied "upgrades"/"modifications" void a warranty? If someone swapped their M4 that the same "cosmetic" upgrade as someone swapping on a different stock? If someone hangs a steel 203 launcher on a plastic M4...does that put undue stress on the body of the rifle?
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