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I took the following from the actual game thread...some edits for here.

Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
No i'm still going to host just to show all these people that a "NOOB" Can host
Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
This is the reason why i decide to host at cqb no one has been willing to host a game this month at cqb so i decide to step up to the plate......
I am not against a "noob" hosting a game. There's a valid perception that someone without a lot of practical airsoft field play will not be as conscious/aware of what it takes (good and bad) to run a safe game (oh...and yeah, players should have fun too!!!)....but there's a lot of level headed people out there who deserve the chance. Approach it properly...and it'll be for the better of the community. It is EXTREMELY helpful to have some senior guys attending/helping. You're asking them to give up their evening/game to help you...and if approached nicely, you'll probably find a few that don't mind at all.

I strongly suggest you approach hosting an event with 100% of your efforts/attention towards overwatching the players and game (especially for the first few events). Forget even strapping on a gun or gearing up. Much like yourself, I started to host events there because I wanted to play at a cool venue....but once things started off, I found that I spent more time setting things up and keeping the game flow going than actually playing. And I had 4-8 senior guys helping me run each event!! And the player base was 80-90% senior guys!! I purposely stacked the deck in my favour to ensure they were going to at least not be a failure.

It is pointless to walk people through the area pointing out hazards....there are too many. The best way to approach that issue is to clearly make it known at the pre-game briefing that there are falling/tripping/head-banging hazards. Each player that steps onto the playing area...assumes that risk and is OBLIGATED to take whatever precautions they feel are nescessary to protect themselves. That includes dressing appropriately, wearing protective gear and going at a safe pace.

That's not just for CQB...that's for any venue. Dummies will find a way to hurt themselves regardless of where they are. I make it a point to run around every field and trip/bang into every obstacle...(or maybe it's just that I'm clumsy ).

Originally Posted by Some Dummy View Post
let me host then, i dont give a flying fuck about my reputation xD
Guys who take such a cavalier approach to things are where issues come from. Guys who are going to go "guys&guns gone wild" should be banned from any event where the safety of others and the reputation of the group is at stake.

Don't mistake me...this is a physical sport and guys are going to get hurt. But don't stack the deck against yourself by having a player roster full of dummies.

Take a look at Dividay's first game. "Private game, senior/vet guys only" flew out of control when dummies crawled out of the woodwork and showed up randomly. He didn't put it foot down and the day was trashed, his rep for hosting games ruined and there's about a 0.001% chance that many "senior/vet" guys will ever bother going to one of his events again.

The perception that someone's on-line conduct doesn't necessarily reflect their in-person conduct is bullsh*t. If the person cannot conduct themselves rationally (consistently rational...everyone is allowed to vent/rant once in a while ) when simply typing on the Internet....then what chance do they stand of acting appropriately with a weapon in their hand?!?!

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